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The credit or debit card must be authorized for international payments and have enough balance for the order total and at least 5% extra in case your bank charge for currency exchange because our banks are located offshore.

If you get a message saying that your payment failed, check your credit card transactions to confirm that it wasn’t deducted, if it was deducted contact us to investigate but If not then try your payment again with a different option. ALWAYS copy and save the order number shown in the payment form.

If you are an existing Reseller or Super Dealer you must use our new checkout at to get the latest advantages

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Discount Code: Save 10%

Donation Details

Devices: IPTV

Amount: USD$

Discount Token:  

With a discount token you will always get our lowest price of the list (currently $27 USD per credit) on all your future purchases, No matter if you just want to buy a single credit.

Ex: With an active token you'll pay $27 for 1 credit instead of the $60 that resellers without token have to pay. More Info

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